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Choose RV camping for a low-stress family vacation

Did your last family vacation create memories of long airport lines, crowded hotel rooms, overpriced restaurants, and complaining children? When hearing the words "family vacation," do you instantly feel stressed? Family vacations should be a relaxing, natural bonding experience that provides your family with good memories. So how do you have a low-stress family vacation? Consider RV camping.
  • Stressor #1: Navigating Airports
    One of the most talked about stressors is the airport. As if the long lines, delays and luggage restrictions aren't enough, there's the hassle of getting the whole family through airport security. Avoid the airport all together by taking an RV. Whether motorized or towed, an RV allows your family to travel comfortably without the stress of flying.
  • Stressor #2: Coping with Crowded Hotel Rooms
    If you have kids, you know how quickly even a large hotel room can fill up. There is never enough space for luggage and you can't send the kids out to play in the hallway. With an RV, every family member has his/her own space for clothes, toys, games and other personal items. Plus there's usually plenty of room outside your RV, on the campsite for stir-crazy kids to play (not to mention the campground's park and playground areas).

Is the full-time RV lifestyle right for you?

Traveling and living in an RV is a wonderful way for people to enjoy life, and a popular option for retirees. RVers can go just about anywhere, stop when they like, eat their own food and sleep in their own beds. Full time RVersThose who take the time to investigate the full time RV lifestyle are often shocked to learn that many full time RVers are living better than they are, and are also happier. Here are a few of the benefits to hitting the road full-time:
  • You can buy an RV for relatively little money, compared to the cost of purchasing a home.
  • You don't have to worry about paying property taxes or getting hit with huge home repair bills.
  • No lawn care ... so you avoid the work and expenses that go along with owning and maintaining a lawn.

Camping with children

RVing is the best way to vacation as a family. It is affordable since the RV combines transportation, lodging and restaurant in one. Itís flexible because you can pack up and leave at a momentís notice. And, itís beneficial—93 percent of people who camped as children say it has had a positive effect on their adult lives, helping them develop an appreciation for the outdoors and insight into different people and places. RVing with kidsHere are some tips for a memorable family RV vacation:
  • Involve your kids in the planning. From where to stay, which attractions to visit and what route to take. Let kids have input on even simple decisions like camping by a lake or forest. Your kids will be more excited and invested in the trip if they feel they have voice.
  • Have a test run. If your family or child is new to camping, set up the RV in your own driveway for the family to spend the night in. It will give them an idea of what a campout would be like without the commitment of being far from home.

Camping: A great way to meet new people

Most people agree that camping brings families closer together in one way or another. Between sleeping in close-knit quarters, cooking family meals, and participating in daily activitiesCampers enjoying meal around a picinic table —families learn to interact more and strengthen their bonds. But camping isn't just for family socializing—it can open the door to a whole new world of friends that share similar interests in the camping lifestyle.

So how do you make friends while camping? The possibilities are endless and quite often the opportunity to make friends is easier than you think. We asked several MARVAC members for their suggestions and ideas on the best ways to make friends while camping. Here are some of their ideas:

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