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RV Tires: Durability and Life

Our recreation vehicles are composed of a complex, engineered arrangement of parts that all together are comprised of substantial weight and size. But sometimes those parts don’t work together harmoniously, or something in particular goes awry.

The tires that get our RVs from Point A to Point B to Point C and so forth are essential for us to enjoy our RV lifestyle – and essential for you and your family’s safety on the road. They’re expensive, but they are a necessary part of your RV to monitor and replace as necessary. And sometimes, tires can age prematurely. So how can you help extend the life of your RV tires?

5 Tips for RV'ing on Labor Day

Prepare yourself and your rig for a great weekend trip.

Labor Day is right around the corner, and for most of us, that means a nice, long weekend spent around the grill enjoying the company of family and friends. And a surefire way to guarantee a great weekend is to plan ahead - preparedness is your best bet for a carefree vacation. So follow these five simple steps and you will be on the way to a Labor Day for the memory books!

Hiking in Michigan: Tips to Get Started

Most RVers can agree: There’s nothing better than stretching their legs after a full day of traveling. Michigan is home to hundreds of beautiful hiking trails, near your favorite camping destinations, that really get the blood flowing and showcase the serenity of this magnificent state.

As it turns out, hiking is actually a favorite leisurely activity of many campers. According to Coleman’s 2014 American Camper Report, the majority of campers, 76 percent to be exact, find hiking to be their most enjoyable camping activity. For those who already hike regularly, this article is a simple reminder about health benefits of hiking, gear, and safety. But for those just starting out or expanding their horizons, this will provide some useful information before you hit the trails. 

Tailgating With Your RV: Football Season is Here!

With fall swiftly approaching, most of the country has one thing on their minds: football. This American pastime is the perfect opportunity to showcase your team spirit and host an unforgettable tailgate party in your RV.

The following Michigan football programs have designated oversized vehicle parking areas that are ready to accommodate you, your guests, and your RV. 

Choosing the Best Travel Trailer: Things to Consider

A towable, also commonly referred to as a travel trailer, is any recreation vehicle that can be pulled behind your van, SUV, or truck. It’s an exciting moment when you’re ready to purchase one. Maybe you're ready to upgrade. Maybe this is your first-ever purchase. But how do you choose the right model for you? Here are some things to keep in mind as you explore – and before you make your final purchase.

5 Reasons to Go RVing as a Family

RV camping offers families a special opportunity to grow and bond closer together, plus there are health benefits to getting away from it all and spending some time outdoors.

1. Sharing experiences leads to stronger bonds. It’s a well-known fact and a frequently recommended prescription for relationship building: doing things together, spending quality time, helps strengthen bonds.

10 Do's for Camping with Your Dog

A vacation isn’t complete for many campers without a four-legged family member along. In fact, many people get into camping because they then have the ability and flexibility to take their pets with them on their adventures. According to the 2014 American Camper Report presented by the Coleman Company and the Outdoor Foundation, 31-35 percent of campers of all age groups went camping with their pets, with dogs the most popular type of pet.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a veteran, it’s important to remember a few important things that will help keep your dog safe and healthy, a joy to have along on the ride, and a good neighbor around other campers. Here are 10 Do’s for camping with your dog.

The Night Sky – Campers Get a Front Row Seat 

Camping allows us to experience adventure and to see many beautiful places. It also allows us to see one of Mother Nature’s best shows on a nightly basis: the sky, with stars as far as the eye can see. This cosmic world has acted as a guide for travelers for centuries, and its expansive magnificence reminds us just how small we are. For most campgrounds and RV parks, you can easily sit back and explore the night sky from your site, with more secluded options usually not far away.

Here are some upcoming events at which to turn your eyes upward, as well as some accessible tools to help you explore the night sky.

Hit the Road with Confidence

Experienced automobile drivers already have the skills to drive a motorized RV. Automatic transmissions, power brakes and steering are practically standard equipment. With proper attention to the differences in vehicle size, height and weight, you will find getting behind the wheel of the conversion van or motorhome fun. If your RV is a towable, don't fear–towing skills are also readily acquired. With a bit of practice (and these tips), you'll be driving like a pro in no time:

Towing and driving tips

Before you hit the road
  • Check tire pressure on the RV and tow vehicle.
  • Confirm the wiring is connected properly.
  • Test to make sure the trailer's brakes, turn signals and tail lights are synchronized with those of the tow vehicle.
  • Secure all items in and on the RV.
  • Adjust and use all rear view mirrors. Before leaving on a trip, sit in the driver's seat and adjust all mirrors for optimal road views.
  • Buckle up! Use your safety belt and make sure all passengers are secured, too.

Is the Full-time RV Lifestyle Right for You?

Traveling and living in an RV is a wonderful way for people to enjoy life, and a popular option for retirees. RVers can go just about anywhere, stop when they like, eat their own food and sleep in their own beds. Full time RVersThose who take the time to investigate the full time RV lifestyle are often shocked to learn that many full time RVers are living better than they are, and are also happier. Here are a few of the benefits to hitting the road full-time:
  • You can buy an RV for relatively little money, compared to the cost of purchasing a home.
  • You don't have to worry about paying property taxes or getting hit with huge home repair bills.
  • No lawn care ... so you avoid the work and expenses that go along with owning and maintaining a lawn.

Camping: A Great Way to Meet New People

Most people agree that camping brings families closer together in one way or another. Between sleeping in close-knit quarters, cooking family meals, and participating in daily activitiesCampers enjoying meal around a picinic table —families learn to interact more and strengthen their bonds. But camping isn't just for family socializing—it can open the door to a whole new world of friends that share similar interests in the camping lifestyle.

So how do you make friends while camping? The possibilities are endless and quite often the opportunity to make friends is easier than you think. We asked several MARVAC members for their suggestions and ideas on the best ways to make friends while camping. Here are some of their ideas:

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Web video by MARVAC Director Bill Sheffer, answers some frequently asked questions about RVs and RV travel.

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